Why Us
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Patagonia Discovery Adventures, tour company with more than 20 years of experience in adventure tourism.

We offer high quality standards, security and leadership creating encounters with nature and local culture with the most-minimal impact to the environment, while offering unique and transformative experiences to our travelers.

We believe deep involvement makes us different.

We are THE Patagonia experts. We specialize in Patagonia, and only Patagonia, our expertise in this magnificent region is unparalleled, and we can therefore offer experiences and destinations that are normally unavailable to travelers or to other tour companies.

Patagonia Discovery Adventures guides are the best in the business, the highest level of certification, including Wilderness First Responder, and all are graduates of the Chilean and Argentine Mountain Guides Association. Our guides are experts in regional flora and fauna, and they can provide a deep understanding of the geological forces that created the magnificent landscapes that make up Patagonia. 

We understand all of our client’s expectations, and we strive to not only meet but to exceed those expectations. Our guides are enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable, well-connected, and a lot of fun to spend time with. Of course, booking the right destination and style of trip are important, but a guide can often make the difference between a good trip and one you’ll talk about for the rest of your life. 

There are no intermediaries when planning your journey with Patagonia Discovery Adventures. Our guides and logistics team are on the ground and able to provide the most updated advice and trip suggestions available. During the past two decades, our trip designers and guides have built a trustworthy and extensive network across the entire southern cone region, and we’re here to help with any issues that can arise during a trip, such as weather, health issues, missed flights and more. Leave the planning to us.

We are in favor of No Leave Trace, striving to achieve minimal impact on the natural environment to conserve our pristine ecosystem, by implementing and applying environmentally friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable regenerative and transformative tourism. We are committed to the local communities we visit and seek to protect Patagonia’s unique culture by creating a “circular” economy in which everyone benefits. 


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Sergio “TC” Bahamondez

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Dorthe Beldal

Director, Northern Europe, Operations Manager & Guide
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Alicia Zablocki

Product Manager and USA Representative
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Andre Labarca

Senior Guide & New Destination Advisor
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Rodrigo Bahamondez

Senior Guide & Outdoor Advisor
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Tomás Marusic

Senior Guide & Climbing Expert
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Sergio Fitch

Senior Guide
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Luciano “Lucho” Cortez

Partner & guía, El Chaltén
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Cristian Silva

Partner, Product Manager in Chile
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Daniel Catania

Partner & guía en Ushuaia
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Rodrigo Lizama Díaz

Partner,Photographer & Guide
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Juan Cordero

Partner in North Patagonia
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Juan Claudio “Gringo” Schurer

Partnership El Calafate
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Eduardo Tapia

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Claudio Magallanes Velasco

Multimedia Outdoor Producer
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Guy Wenborne

Partner, Photography Guide
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Andres Bozzolo

Partner& Guide in North Patagonia
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Carola Ortega

Financial department
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Daniela Asencio

Reservations Manager
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Luis Saravia

Travel Specialist