Sergio Fitch

Senior Guide

Sergio’s outdoor experience could fill an entire page (or more). Born in Mexico City, Sergio graduated with a degree in philosophy from Mexico’s UNAM and studied photography at the prestigious Kodak Center for Learning. Sergio’s passion for the outdoors encompasses 50 years of exploration, including 40+ years guiding for Mountain Travel Sobek, and more than 400 mountaineering expeditions guiding in the wildest regions of the world in Latin America, Nepal, Russia, Africa, Patagonia and beyond, and in nearly every country he’s visited he has climbed that country’s highest peak, including Mt. Everest. He is a certified mountain guide in glaciers and ice-climbing, and has lent his expertise as an advisor and instructor in all facets of mountaineering in the U.S. and Latin America. And did we tell you he is a master scuba diver, a marathon runner and a squash instructor? Sergio enjoys Patagonia’s beauty, its clouds, rainbows, and fauna, “both human and animal.” But what he loves as much as the physical challenges and accomplishments of the outdoor world, is photography, and has shown his images in galleries and subway stations in Mexico.  

“Outdoor guides are like postal carriers. It doesn’t matter if it rains or snows, we must go outdoors.”