Rodrigo Lizama Díaz

Partner,Photographer & Guide

Rod was born in the Araucanía Region (Lake District) of Chile, where the country’s largest indigenous group, the Mapuche, coexists with lush southern landscapes. He enjoyed a childhood filled with beautiful memories tied to nature. Rod fell in love with Patagonia after his first visit in 1988; he later received his formative education in Puerto Natales, followed by several years in Santiago studying sound engineering. He gave up the capital city to dedicate his life to his true passion, Patagonia, where he has now lived for three decades with his wife and three children. With his family, he has traveled to every corner of Patagonia, always with a good amount of adventure. As a self-taught photographer, he learned to slow down and discover nature in all of its states, expressing his love of the mountains and wildlife through the eyes of a camera lens. 

“If it doesn’t make you cold, jump in!”