Rodrigo Bahamondez

Senior Guide & Outdoor Advisor

Rodrigo is an expert in just about every mountain activity that exists. Born and raised in Puerto Natales, Rodrigo became captivated with Patagonia’s natural landscapes with mountain biking, followed by climbing and mountaineering, fly-fishing and kayaking, and later, skiing. At Nevados de Chillán, Rodrigo launched the resort’s first Ski Backcountry program, leading the movement to educate skiers about avalanche prevention and rescue. He has 20+ years under his belt as a trekking, mountaineering, and backcountry ski guide, and he provides logistics and safety for scientific expeditions, having participated in expeditions to Subantarctic regions such as the Southern Ice Field and the Cordillera Darwin. He is fascinated by Patagonia’s contrasting ecosystems, and his funny, charismatic personality is much-loved by travelers, as is his high sense of security and local knowledge that always makes travelers feel they are in good hands. 

“Every trip begins with the first step. If the plan changes, the plan changes, but the goal doesn’t.”