Luis Saravia

Travel Specialist

Born in El Salvador, Luis’ fascination for traveling began at an early age while listening to his grandmother talk about going to distant places onboard the great ocean liners.  In the early 1980’s, Luis immigrated to the United States, and while pursuing a degree in the sciences at the University of California, he also discovered a passion for outdoor adventures.  Joining the local outdoor organization he became a whitewater rafting guide, and an avid skier, cyclist, and mountaineer.  After college he worked for high tech companies in the Silicon Valley, but devoted every free moment to exploring the outdoors, trekking, and traveling around the world.  As the world changed after September 11, 2001, Luis joined the world’s largest specialty outdoor retailer, REI, and later Patagonia.  Here he gained expertise outfitting customers for their active adventures while supporting the environmental initiatives of these companies.  In 2015 he joined Mountain Travel Sobek, the original adventure travel company, where he helped prepare countless clients for their adventure travels throughout the world.

“Once I heard about the most beautiful national park in the western hemisphere, located in Chile, called Torres del Paine.  I knew then I had to go there… and I keep on going back as often as I can!”