Luciano “Lucho” Cortez

Partner & guía, El Chaltén

Lucho is an Argentine national currently residing in El Chaltén. He is an AAGM (Argentine Mountain Guides Association) guide who has spent the last 20 years climbing mountains (and often skiing down them).  He is a skilled rock and ice climber, backcountry ski enthusiast, and loves to spend time kayaking on the rivers and lakes around El Chaltén and Los Glaciares National Park.  While in El Chaltén, Lucho has reached the summit of Mount Fitz Roy and other difficult peaks in the park.  His passion for climbing and skiing has taken him to a wide variety of places within Argentina—including the Southern Ice Field—as well as Bolivia, Brazil, Switzerland and the USA.  During his free time, you can find Lucho pursuing his pilot’s license, photographing landscapes, or organizing a barbecue for friends.

“The most important thing is to enjoy the simplicity of the mountains.”