Guy Wenborne

Partner, Photography Guide

One of Chile’s most accomplished photographers, Guy learned from an early age about fishing and exploring lakes and rivers with his grandfather, and after every trekking and boating expedition, he and his grandfather would close the day with a photo. His grandfather was a pilot, and later Guy became one, too, and this launched his career using aerial vision as his signature form of nature photography. As such, Guy has traveled Chile from end to end, taking him to destinations where few or no one has ever been. Along the way, he has photographed almost all of Chile: its people, architecture, mining industry, salmon farms, agricultural crops, and travel. But above all, Chile’s great natural heritage, which never ceases to amaze Guy with its complex variety of ecosystems. He is an inexhaustible explorer who has developed his photography career over 30 years. He has published several photo coffee-table books, and has been published in major international media. 

“Suspended high in the air, looking at the landscape below, makes me reflect and understand from another perspective how human beings interact with the environment and the footprints they leave.”