Eduardo Tapia


Eduardo has worked for more than 18 years as a trekking, mountain and kayak guide in Patagonia, the Dolomites and the Alps, the Atacama Desert, and on scientific expeditions to the Southern Ice Field glaciers of Chile and Argentina. He is a Patagonia native, born in Punta Arenas, where he became interested in the outdoors at the age of five. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Magallanes, and knows Torres del Paine and the surrounding region intimately, having spent nearly two decades working as a guide for a variety of companies. The sensation of vast space and the wild nature of the land is what inspires him, as well as the light, which changes constantly and allows for optimal photography opportunities. He especially loves Torres del Paine in the spring, when the glaciers melt and calve.

“What I like most about guiding is the disconnection that the natural environment generates in travelers, and how they interact after being immersed in such an environment. It motivates me.”