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Useful Information

Best Time To Visit

Patagonia can be enjoyed all year round, although the vast majority visit between the months of October and April.

Summer (Dec – Mar): This is the most popular and one of the most agreeable times to visit, given the generally good weather. Nature reveals itself in all its splendour and it’s a great time for trekking and adventure sports.

Spring (Sep – Dec): This is without a doubt one of the best times to visit the area, during which the flora of Patagonia begins to bloom and the fauna is at its most active. The grasslands and woods are also at their greenest, while there are fewer visitors than in the height of summer.

Winter (Jun – Sep): This is a favourite time for many, when the strong Patagonian winds are seldom and visitors are very few, making it an inviting time to enjoy the peacefulness of Patagonia. It must be taken into account that some services are shut during the winter, making it necessary to plan any trip during this time carefully, and in advance.

Autumn (Mar – Jun): During this time of year there are less visitors, there is very little wind and the Nothofagus which make up the Patagonian forest provide their typical orange-coloured autumn display. This is also the preferred time for photographer lovers as autumn offers the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets.