Punta Arenas City

Population: 120,000 people

Located in the Brunswick Peninsula, 1,418.4 Km away from the Antarctic coast, this historical city of Chile is the Capital of the region of Magallanes, the southern-most city in the country and one of the less populated. Punta Arenas is located along the shore of the Strait of Magellan, and from here you can see “La Isla Grande” or Tierra del Fuego Island.

In its beginnings it was a city where pioneers from different parts of the world settled, up until today being the home of Croatians, Welsh, Germans and people from Chiloe in Chile. Before the creation of the Panama Canal, the city enjoyed a period of prosperity, since all the ships had to cross the Strait of Magellan, and it was the first city in Chile to have electrical light. After the construction of the channel, the city kept its traditional and cosmopolitan architecture, mainly limited to the city center.

Nowadays, Punta Arenas is dependent on services, with the livestock business continuing to be economically important, as is petroleum extraction.

Punta Arenas offers different and more than adequate services for visitors, including a variety of attractions such as the city graveyard which, believe it or not, has turned into a must-see activity during any stay, being an interesting way of learning about the Cosmopolitan past of the city.   Punta Arenas also has excellent museums such as the Regional Museum and the Museum Maggiorino Borgatello, and of course offers a variety of restaurants where you can try typical dishes such as king crab, squid, southern merluza, salmon and the famous patagonian lamb.