Puerto Natales City

Population: 20,000 people.

In this picturesque city almost every one works and makes a living from tourism, live stock or fishing. As tourism develops, Puerto Natales has undergone some changes but has always maintained its character and color which makes it unique.

It is a very young city, recently turning 100 years old in 2010, the reason for its foundation was sheep farming, the city was originally used as a resting place for the workers of the “Sociedad Explotadora Tierra del Fuego”. This was a company of English patrimony that nearly 100 years ago established the running of sheep farms as a business in the area, and at one point owned almost 90% of all of the land in Magallanes. It was during this era when numerous farms and operative sections were established, and due to the large dimensions of the land they were forced to construct small centers of exploitation, villages in the true sense of the word, that until today conserve the architecture of the those years.

Among these villages we can find: Villa Cerro Castillo, Estancia Cerro Guido and Villa Puerto Bories, this last one being 5 Km away from Puerto Natales. It is a faithful representation of how important this company once was in the region and how we are indebted to them for our own existence.

Due to the growing number of visitors each year, Puerto Natales offers an excellent selection of hotels and restaurants, along with a variety of excursions with departures from the city such as: navigations to glaciers Balmaceda and Serrano, horse riding and kayaking. This has transformed the city into an entrance gate leading Torres del Paine National Park 112 Km away.