Seno Otway Penguin Colony

Seno Otway is located 60 Km north of the city of Punta Arenas, and it is possible to visit along the way on the journey between Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales.

The colony has a surface area of 45 hectares and the Magellanic penguin community is made up of approximately 2,500 couples with around 10,000 penguins in total. The breeding season and the arrival of the penguins starts in October and ends at the end of March.

The sector is made up of marked trails and footbridges with a height that allows for free movement of the penguins. It is possible to see them wandering around or inside their nests that are located underground, and it is often possible to see them along the sea shore when they search for food.

The penguin colony is located by the sea, where the vegetation is very low lying, and made up mainly of grass where the wind is felt with great intensity.