Natural Monument Milodon’s Cave

Located 24 Km northeast of Puerto Natales, along the same road that leads to the western access point of Torres del Paine National Park. This Natural Monument consists of a series of caves and rocky formations. The place is very famous and visited often because it is where in 1895 scientists discovered a piece of skin, some bones and other parts of a type of sloth called the Milodon (Mylodon darwini ), which died between 10.200 – 13.560 years ago, becoming extinct in the Pleistocene Era. The discovery was made in the Cueva Grande, which is 200 meters in length.

In this sector there is a series of trails where travellers can explore the rocky formations and different caves. It’s also one of the favorite places of local climbers, who visit the “Silla del Diablo” which is a sedimentary rock formation that has some interesting drops that climbers can try.

Around the area of the Milodon Cave is an administrative office of CONAF (National Forest’s Corporation) and also a small museum where people can learn more about this archaeological place where scientists have discovered remains which indicate the presence of men thousands of years ago.

The vegetation in this place consists of forests of Nothofagus, such as the Ñirre, Lenga and Coigüe, and along with this we also find species of shrubs such as the Calafate, Romerillo and Siete Camisas.

This excursion is perfect to do either upon arrival or departure from Torres Del Paine National Park, as it is located along the same route.