Francisco Coloane Marine Park

Created in 2003, it is Chile’s first marine park, and is located in the region of Magallanes and Antártica Chilena, in the Magallanes Strait between Santa Ines and Riesco islands and the Brunswick peninsula, to the southeast of Carlos III Island. The park covers 67.000 hectares, which make up the protected coastal area.

The Park was created because it is part of a very important biological corridor, being the habitat of the famous Humpbacked Whale and occasionally Sei Whales during their feeding season. It’s also the natural habitat of different marine mammal species such as Minke Whales, Orcas, Sea Wolves and Sea Elephants. The area also includes very important nesting areas which belong to the Magallanic Penguin, and from here it is possible to watch the Giant Antarctic Petrel and Imperial Cormoran among others.

The season for observing Humpbacked Whales (Megaptera novaeagliae) begins in December and it is possible to watch them until April of the following year.

Along the shore of Carlos III Island, is located a very luxurious campground, which offers services such as lodging, food and excursions around the area. This place is composed of rocky islets and the vegetation of Carlos III is made up of low lying bushes and short forests such as Ñirres, Lengas and Coigües.