Los Glaciares National Park / Perito Moreno Glacier

Located in Santa Cruz’s Province of Argentina, this park was founded in 1937 and declared a site of Worldwide Patrimony by UNESCO in 1981.

Los Glaciares National Park covers 600.000 hectares and without a doubt the main attraction is the ice fields, which in total cover a surface of 2.600 Km2.

The best-known glacier is Perito Moreno Glacier which spreads across the Southern Arm of the Lake Argentino. Its front is 5 km in length and it reaches a height of 60 meters above the water. From the city of El Calafate (1 hour, 85 Km) the park is accessible by road.

The northern part of the Park houses the Fitz Roy Massif, which is dazzling in its amazing beauty. Different trails and trekking circuits are found in this area, and at the foot of the Massif there is a small mountain town called “El Chaltén”, receiving each year visitors in search of adventures and mountain living.

This National Park offers different activities such as: Glacier navigations, ice trekking, hiking, etc.