About Us

Sergio Bahamóndez


Patagonia Discovery is a group of people very passionate about Patagonia and Torres del Paine. Our lives have been shaped and formed here in this magnificent land, and for us, organizing trips is the best way of sharing these wonderful experiences with everyone who visits Patagonia.

We are natives of Patagonia, where the Patagonian pampas and forests of Nothofagus were our playgrounds in our childhood, where we lived and learned our first lessons….. In the 90’s, after studying and working in the north of Chile, we returned to our beloved homeland and started working as mountain guides, sharing the journeys made by visitors from all over the world through Patagonia. It’s already been 10 years since Patagonia Discovery was created, with the idea of passing on our experience and showing you Patagonia from a different perspective, and the objective of providing specialized and qualified service to each traveller.

Throughout the years we’ve grown to realize that travellers look for journeys which involve more than just nice landscapes. We’ve considered traveler’s constant interest in the culture of others and that’s why our staff is composed of local people or people who have come to Patagonia and grown to love it and respect it as much as we do. Although we have pre designed trekking programs, we are always developing them in accordance with the desires of each client, as our main idea, in preparing our tailor-made programs, is always to create the perfect trip for each traveller.

Our trips take you through the Chilean – Argentinean Patagonia, integrating the main attractions of both countries since Patagonia is in fact considered to be only one land. We mix different activities such as hiking, climbing, navigations, ice hiking, whale sighting, etc, organizing standard programs which you will be able to see in our webpage. We also organize special programs (tailor made) for each traveller.